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 Important Tax and Matching Gift Considerations :
 *Donate appreciated securities (stock). 
                   - Rather than sell the security,  transfer the stock at full value. You pay no taxes on capital                                gains.
 *IRA Qualified Charitable Distribution is back.
                   - You can transfer up to $100,000 tax free.
                   - The amount transferred is excludable from your taxable income for federal tax purposes.
                   -  Qualified distributions do not 
count towards your maximum charitable income tax    
                      deduction for other gifts of cash you may have made during the year.
                   -  Your IRA charitable transfer counts toward satisfying the IRA minimum required  
                      distribution rules. 
*Check out the benefits of business donations through EITC (Educational Income Tax Credit) 
                    - Maximize your tax reduction benefits. 
*Thrivent Financial Choice program. 
                     -Contact your local Thrivent financial adviser in regards to your many options.
                                     Thrivent Choice Dollars Program 


Gift Information

Giving Options are many:
- Cash, check, credit card donations to LEAF.  (all tax deductible)
- Business giving through EITC program.    (see EITC tab for details)
- Sponsorship of yearly events.  (Wall of Honor Program, Beef and Brew, Fall 5k run)
- Sponsorship of the website. 
- Transfer of assets.  (stocks, bonds, IRA funds etc.)
- Thrivent Choice program (contact your local Thrivent rep.)
- Legacy donation.  (life insurance policies and or estate planning)
- Donation of time.  (contact any board member)

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