Classroom Grants

Classroom Grants

What is a classroom grant?

The Lehighton Education and Athletic Foundation (LEAF) encourages educators to create innovative and exciting educational programs for their students. Learning becomes easy when students enjoy the information being presented to them. Most students have favorite teachers, and they are usually the ones who help students think outside the classroom textbook. Students need exciting projects, upgraded technology, and better resources, which sometimes means going beyond the approved school budget. Through classroom grants, LEAF helps students to achieve greater success through an innovative and exciting learning environment.

Teachers, principals, and school administrators may apply for grants that benefit individual classrooms or the entire school. The typical classroom grant ranges from $250 to $2000, but there is no limit on the Technology equipment, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), Fine Arts, Literacy, and Social Studies.

Grants are available for grades K through 12 and could be used for:

  • Musical equipment
  • Field trips to educational destinations
  • Supplies for innovative projects
  • Literacy resources
  • Any other project deemed worthy by the selection committee

After a grant application is submitted, it is reviewed by the LEAF innovative grant committee. Applications are distributed to educators during November, and all applications for grants must be returned to the grant selection committee by January 18th. The grant committee makes the final selection, and the approved grants are awarded by February 1st.

Classroom grants are made possible through the following:

  • Fundraising conducted by LEAF
  • LASD teachers’ payroll deduction
  • LASD staff payroll deduction
  • LASD administration payroll deduction
  • Donations from local businesses and individuals

For more information about classroom grants contact: sh********@ya***.com (Tim Tkach, President, Board of Directors)

2020 Teacher Grant Awardees

Pamela Searfoss & Suzanne Cordes (Elementary Center)

Rhonda Zerbe (Elementary Center)

Wendy Bussey-Williams (Elementary Center)

Rachel Watts (Middle School)

Amanda Rex (Elementary Center)

Beth Hudlow (Middle/Elementary)

Kelly Fritz (Middle School)

2019 Teacher Grant Awardees
Lauren Cortright
Tim Sharrow
Rachel Quinn
Susie Cordes
Jennifer Shober Steigerwalt
Kelli Carpenter
Courtney Schleicher
Olivia Haydt
Tavia Cardell
Rachel Klotz
Kristen Zellner
Tom McCarroll
Patti Ebbert
Tiff Strausberger
Jessica Bench.

2018 Teacher Grant Awardees
Theresa Kokinda
Gretchen Laviolette
Erica Pagotto
Larry Markley
Beth Yescavage

2017 Grant to Students for FBLA National competition
Ryan Moerder
Matt Eckhart
Mason Smith
FBLA Advisors:
Kevin Kotch
Trevor Miller

2016 Teacher Grant Awardees
Melissa Volcskai, instructional coach
Angela Harris,
K-4 Librarian
Lisa Steigerwalt, K-12 ESL teacher
Suzanne Cordes, district reading specialist
Mark Maholick, middle school teacher

Online Classroom Grant Application

Click here to complete the grant application online. No PDF downloads are necessary. Applications are due January 18!

Download Classroom Grant Form

Download, print, complete, and return the teacher grant form. Applications are due January 18!