What is a student grant?

The Lehighton Education and Athletic Foundation (LEAF) encourages students to become involved in activities that enhance their learning both within the school setting and their community. At times, these activities may exceed personal and/or school budgets. Through student grants, LEAF can help children achieve greater success through an innovative and exciting environment.

Grants are available to students in grades 6-12. After a grant application is submitted, it will be reviewed by the LEAF committee.

Students are able to apply for a student grant at any time during the school year.

Student grants are made possible through the following:

  • Fundraising conducted by LEAF
  • LASD teachers’ payroll deduction
  • LASD staff payroll deduction
  • LASD administration payroll deduction
  • Donations from local businesses and individuals

Online Student Grant Application

Click to complete a student grant application online.

Download Student Grant Form

Download, print, complete, and return the student grant form.