Student Scholarships

LEAF Student Scholarships are presented to two senior boys and two senior girls each year who are in the top 40% of their class. The awards are based on service to community/school, a caring and giving attitude, as well as financial need. The amount of the award is determined annually.

Award: $1,250.00 per student

2022 Scholarship Awardees
Zander Bauer
Madison Brown
Gauge Hartney
Cecilia Sarnowski

2021 Scholarship Awardees
Haley Fritz
Jun Yi Pan
Sophia Salerno
Connor Zelrick

2020 Scholarship Awardees
Hannah Christman
Emma Schappell
Benjamin Schatz
Logan Wentz

2019 Scholarship Awardees

Isabella Meckes
Jordon Cook
Mackenzie Sabatino
Dakota Hiester

2017 Scholarship Awardees

Brandon Ruch
Morgan Yurasits
Zachary Zehner
Rajah Quinones

2016 Scholarship Awardees

Erik Skrincosky
Taya Edwards-Wentz

Online Student Scholarship Application

Click to complete the student application process online. Applications are due February 25, 2023, by 3 p.m.!

Download Student Scholarship Form

Download, print, complete, and return the student scholarship form. Applications are due February 25, 2023, by 3 p.m.!