Marshall G. Walters (1986)

2019 Graduate of Distinction

Marshall G. Walters

Class of 1986

Marshall Walters is the founder of Architectural Polymers, AP Thermoforming, and Architectural Polymers of Australia. His companies employ 75 people and are one of the largest decorative concrete form manufacturing companies in the world. Architectural Polymers operates in North America and Australia. Mr. Walters holds a total of 10 patents spread over United States, Canada, and Australia.

Mr. Walters is the current Treasurer of the Carbon County Economic Development Corp. and is also a Board Member of the Carbon County Industrial Development Authority. He is one of the founders of the Carbon County Community Foundation. Architectural Polymers has been involved in the construction of many distinguished projects. Some are: the Flight 93 Memorial, Citizens Memorial Park, the Statue of Liberty Welcome Center, Texas Rangers Ballpark at Arlington, Museum of American Revolution, Minnesota Training Facility, and 290 Mulberry SOHO, NY.

Some local projects include the decorative panels on the Sergeant A.J. Baddick Memorial Bridge, Jim Thorpe, and the PA Turnpike Mahoning Valley Interchange. He has completed the decorative panels on the PA Overpasses and Sound Walls form the Mahoning Valley Interchange to Philadelphia.

Mr. Walters has received sixteen Precast Concrete awards of which two are the Penn State University Millennium Science Building and the Study Hotel in Philadelphia. He has also received the American Concrete Institute Award for his work at the St. Joseph University Book Store.